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Artist Collab - Light Orange Toggle

Artist Collab - Light Orange Toggle

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Artist Megan Whitmarsh has joined forces with accessory designer, Kim White, for this timely artist collab project.  Each mask is one of a kind!  Kim designs, sews and selects the elements for each mask using colorful cording and playful reverse fabrics -- while Megan embellishes each mask with the hand embroidery she is known for using stitching inspired by the Japanese tradition of semimora, Pennsylvania hex signs and other forms of protective spells using imagery and symbols that ward off evil and signify well-being. Each mask has the artist's initials (KW and MW) subtly embroidered on the upper, outer edges.

Note:  this mask has a nose wire.


Megan hand dyed the organic linen fabric used for the front and Kim uses 100% quilting cotton for the contrasting inner layers. All fabrics are pre-washed & machine dried to prevent shrinking. Machine wash cold, or hand wash and lay dry. 

For each mask sold $5 will be donated to Shirley Raines @beauty2thestreetz to support her work providing make-up, haircuts, showers, etc. for homeless women in Los Angeles. Find out more here:

If we must wear them...we might as well look fantastic!   The Toggle Mask is one-size fits all!  You adjust with a toggle to fit over your head, or even over a hat.  There is a pocket on the interior in case you wish to add a filter (like a coffee filter!).  We love that instead of taking off your mask momentarily, you can pull it down and the cording is still around your you can just lift up the mask when you want it back on.  The mask is also designed for those who don't like elastic around your ears.  We got you covered no matter what!   

Masks are sewn with very high quality and are built to last. Seams are reinforced four times.  The textiles are soft, and the design has deep pleats so they are soft and roomy, not suffocating!

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