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Kim White

Slouchy Bag - Vintage Orange Plush

Slouchy Bag - Vintage Orange Plush

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SOLD OUT - CHECK BACK SOON FOR FUTURE AVAILABILITY.  This vintage textile is AMAZING!  The plush brilliant orange has large black flowers and leaves scattered throughout.   This fabric was originally intended for use in furniture, so you know it's durable and will last!  Kim combined this orange and black textile with dark chocolate leather so it doesn't look to "Halloween." The zipper and all leather details are dark chocolate.  The perfect medium-sized bag!  We love that it sits just under your arm, so chic!  The strap is tapered, so it sits nicely on your shoulder.  When you put your things in this bag, the weight creates a "slouch" so it falls in the middle, and gives you lots of room under your arm.  This leather is really wonderful!  TThe hardware is nice and sturdy, and the rings and swivel snaps look fantastic!  Metal top zipper closure.  Lined in a sturdy brown canvas with an inside zipper pocket.  Made in the USA.   14.5" wide x 9.25" high.  Free shipping!  Tax added at checkout. 

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