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Kim White

Cut-Out Clutch - Red & Black Chevron 1979

Cut-Out Clutch - Red & Black Chevron 1979

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Red & Black is bold and beautiful in this vintage auto fabric!  We love this exaggerated classic chevron design for your adorable outfit!  Own a piece of auto history, and make a cool statement with your awesome re-purposed auto clutch.  Not that kind of clutch, hahah!  Vroom vroom!  This auto fabric was originally used for autos in the late 70s.  It was marked in the warehouse as from  GM -- but we don't have specifics on the model.  

Kim found an entire warehouse of dead-stock auto fabrics in South Central Los Angeles in the early 2000's and started her line doing only vintage car.  Durability of these fabrics was a benefit, as well as the textile designs. 

The Cut-Out Clutch has a cut out for your hand, so it's easy to hold.  It open with a hinged frame, that pops open and closes.  Lined in black with an inside zipper pocket.  Always USA made with the finest quality.  Dimensions:  12.25" wide x 8.25" high

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