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Kim White

Cosmetic Bag - Brocade 1974

Cosmetic Bag - Brocade 1974

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This one is so sophisticated!  Just cream and beige, in an ornate brocade design.  And check it out in the car!  OMG!  Originally intended for a 1979 Plymouth Fury! A cute little something-something!  We all need a little bag to put inside our larger bags, right?!  This could even be a cute coin sack for a man, if you need a unique gift for the man in your life (he could keep it in his car!).  A good shape that holds a lot of stuff.    We love the vibrant red stripes, with black and bright orange.  So cute!  We found the vintage car catalog to confirm that this fabric was actually used in that car!  Durability, and ADORAbility!  Ha!  Own a piece of automotive history.  Always made in USA. 

Always USA made with the finest quality.  Dimensions:  8" wide x 4.75" high
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