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Cast Rope Belt - Crackle White

Cast Rope Belt - Crackle White

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We LOVE this crackle white leather!  It's a great leather treatment that's MUCH more interesting than just plain white.   Backed with suede and sewn, and combined with an antique nickel buckle. The Cast Rope Belt is one of our favorites!  Why?  Because not only is it a striking belt on, you can wear it THREE WAYS!  Wear it through your belt loops, or wear it outside your clothes to belt a shirt or dress ... or wear it as a waist belt!  It’s so convertible that if you go on vacation, you only need this one belt!  We call it “Cast Rope” because the design detail looks like thin rope has been wound around & around – making for a great textural design element.  All of our products are always made in the USA.  We even cast our own buckles!    The belt is 1-7/8” wide.  There are 17 holes placed 1” apart that allows you to wear this belt sooooo many ways.   Regarding sizing:  if you are a size 27” inch jean you are a size small.   Size small is a 34” if you go to the third hole, giving you 2” extra to make larger, as well as lots of room to get smaller to wear on your waist.   Each size is differentiated by 2” increments.   If a size you need is not listed, reach out!  It may be temporarily sold out and we are happy to make it for you!  Just ask!

Sizing:  XS is 32" (to the third hole), Small is 34", Medium is 36", Large is 38"

Note:  if we are out of your size, send us a message and we will make one for you!

Always made in the USA. 

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