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Kim White

Cut-Out Clutch - Blue 1983

Cut-Out Clutch - Blue 1983

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Shown here in blue!  This textile was originally intended for the interior of a 1983 Camaro!  After Kim discovered an entire warehouse of dead-stock vintage auto fabrics in South Central LA in early 2000, she continued to track down the vintage car catalogs to make sure these textiles were actually used in the cars.  Kim just about DIED when she discovered this historical gold mine.  The owner of the warehouse didn't think she'd be interested in old car fabrics..but boy was he wrong!   Each bag comes tagged with the year and maker of the car.  Amazing!   Durability, and ADORAbility!  Ha!  Own a piece of automotive history.  Always made in USA.

The Cut-Out Clutch has a cut out for your hand, so it's easy to hold.  It open with a hinged frame, that pops open and closes.  Lined in black with an inside zipper pocket.  Always USA made with the finest quality.  Dimensions:  12.25" wide x 8.25" high

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