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Folding Wallet - Pink Sparkly

Folding Wallet - Pink Sparkly

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Shown here in pink sparkle!   It's like a pink fairy cast an armful of pink glitter sparkles all over a light tan suede.  You can barely see the suede anymore!  Such a cute small wallet, that actually holds a lot.  And because it's so bright, it's easy to find in your bag. An adorable wallet that holds all of your credit cards, then folds up into a neat little square to fit inside the zipper pocket of your bag, or your back pocket.   Small, compact, functional -- and most of all GORGEOUS!  There are three compartments to put your cards in, and each compartment holds several cards.  A  great going out wallet for those who swear by those monster-sized wallets -- allowing you to downsize to just the cards you need for the night out. The quality of the leather and stitching is top grade.  Made in USA.

Dimensions:  3.75" wide x 2.75" high

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