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Fringe Belt - Ivory Metallic

Fringe Belt - Ivory Metallic

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A lovely ivory metallic, soft with a subtle pebble texture.  A great alternative to white, and looks great WITH white.  Backed in suede and sewn.  The strap is 2-3/8" wide.  The sizing below is the measurement from ring to ring (the tips), plus an extra few inches to accommodate the tie.  You'll want the rings to be close together when ordering your size at the waist.  And when you wear it at the hip, all you have to do is loosen the ties and you have lots of room to wear it lower.

Sizing:  XS is 27", Small is 29", Medium is 31", Large is 33"

If we don't have your size, just email us and we will make you one! We also do special sizes.  Always made in the USA. 

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