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Hands Belt - Black

Hands Belt - Black

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Helllloooo!  I don't think there has ever been a better belt than this one!  Two cast hands with rings on (!) wrap around your hips and connects like a hug.  Ha!   A stunning piece.  This is all you need to wear to that party.  A great conversation piece.  How it closes is one hand has a a hook, and the other has a hole -- and you drop the hook in the hole and it closes nicely.   The dark black leather is gorgeous and very soft, belt weight.  Strap is 1-1/2" wide.    Regarding sizing:  each belt has 5 snaps spaced 1" apart, the sizing below is the measurement to the last hole where it looks best (but you can make 4" smaller by snapping to the other snaps).  Free shipping!

Sizing:  XS is 32", Small is 34", Medium is 36", Large is 38"

Note:  if we are sold out of a size, reach out and we will make one for you.  We do special sizes, too!

Always made in the USA. 

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