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KW Mask - Vintage Pink, Green & Yellow Paisley

KW Mask - Vintage Pink, Green & Yellow Paisley

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If we must wear them...we might as well look fantastic!   This is vintage fabric from the 60s 70s era.  Hot Pink, green, yellow, orange!   Whoohoooo!  What's not to love!

Kim White's masks are made of two layers of 100% quilting cotton that have been pre-washed so they don't shrink. They are reversible and sewn with very high quality.  Seams are reinforced so these last.  The textiles are soft, and the design has deep pleats so they are soft and roomy, not suffocating.  To preserve the elastic, it's advised to hand wash in cold and lay flat.  Nose wire upon request only, since some people do not want them.  After checkout, shoot us an email and we will confirm your choice to include.

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