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Skinny Grommet Belt - Antique Silver Metallic

Skinny Grommet Belt - Antique Silver Metallic

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A thin 1" belt with allover grommets in the most gorgeous antique silver metallic leather!   This silver is a special leather that has an overlay of metallic, sprinkled like fairy glitter!  It has an antique look, and is so great with denim. The grommets go all around the belt, so you look great coming and going!   Regarding sizing:  each belt has 5 holes set 1" apart so it's adjustable.  The sizing below is the measurement to the middle hole, which allows 2" leeway on either side.

Sizing:  XS is 32", Small is 34", Medium is 36", Large is 38"

Note:  If we don't have your size in stock, reach out and we will make one for you!  We also make custom/special sizes.

Always proudly made in the USA.  Made with impeccable craftsmanship.

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