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Tiny Mooncut Skinny - Pink

Tiny Mooncut Skinny - Pink

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Oooohhhh.....this pink is so great!  A pretty geranium hue.  Not a bubble gum, but a more sophisticated shade - as if geranium pink married salmon pink!   The skinny belt strap is 3/4" wide. The buckle is designed by Kim and has a tiny moon shape cutout that shows the leather underneath.  The strap is backed with pink suede and sewn.  Beautifully made with impeccable craftsmanship.  Regarding sizing:  each belt has 5 holes spaced 1" apart, the sizing below is the measurement to the middle hole (allowing for 2" adjustment on either side).  Always made in the USA.

Sizing:  XS is 32", Small is 34", Medium is 36", Large is 38"

Note:  waist belt sizing upon request.

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