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Kim White

Vintage Airline Upholstery - Ring Clutch wStrap

Vintage Airline Upholstery - Ring Clutch wStrap

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I cannot begin to explain how EXCITED I was to find this very limited rare vintage AIRLINE upholstery!   Not only is it beautiful and colorful -- and perfect for a bag -- it was actually used in the United Airplane Airbus 319 that was developed in 1996!  How do I know?  Not only did I find a very grainy picture of an print ad showing the textile  in the plane (I'm not sure I can post it reach out and I will share the image with you!),  but also -- the nice man I bought it from in California said he used the original deadstock fabric to recreate a scene for the movie industry that was filmed inside a plane!  He had some leftover, and sold the rest to me.  I did manage to find a grainy picture of the plane interior online (see attached).  Whoohooo!  Colors are fantastic and bright!  And the textile design is an amazing strong graphic.  Colors include:  fuchsia, red, oranges and blue on a grey herringbone ground.   Silver metallic leather is used to hold the ring to the bag and for the zipper pull. The ring snaps off from the body of bag, so you can use it as a wristlet.  This bag also comes with a detachable strap that is steel chain with black leather weaved though.  Strap is short to wear just under your arm (not crossbody).   Lined with an inside zipper pocket.  The ring is cast specially for the line, and we produce everything in the USA impeccable craftsmanship by real people. 

Dimensions of bag:   11"W x 6.5"H with a 1" t-bottom gusset

Strap is 19" from end-to-end

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